Artist Statement

'Containment provided by the vessel serves as an anchor in my work. This is in reference to the demand throughout history to sustain life by the process of forming materials. Reveling in the notion of the pursuit of order, my mark making practices are equally about interior and exterior space. I often focus on the tension denoted by the interior space, implied by exterior applications. My content echoes tactile applications of manipulation and the dialogue between the structural nature of clay as opposed to its applied purposes. As pots, my works reflect a unified connection between the layers of complimentary decoration that form their surfaces. I utilize these glazed surfaces as a bridge between functionality and a path of further exploration in relation to contemplative works for the home. In link with historical ceramics, the intuitive use of the elements of design as we recognize them today inspire much of my ways of creating ornamentation. I’m fascinated with the involved nature of high-fire ceramics through the happenstance of loosely applied alterations of slip and glaze. The adornment of my pots grounds me to my surroundings, allowing me to relate natural and industrial motifs into tactile experiences.'                                                                              

Artist Biography

Ryan Davis is a ceramic artist and potter living and working in Wichita, Kansas. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art from The University of Oklahoma in 2019 with an emphasis in ceramics and minor in art history. Davis is currently a Master of Fine Arts candidate in ceramics at Wichita State University. Throughout Davis’s childhood he spent considerable time working alongside his family in their catering service and hotel where he fostered a passion of exploring objects on and off the table. This was the starting point for his pursuit of functional ceramics and early goals as an artist. Davis has shown in national juried exhibitions in 6 states, and over 20 regional exhibitions since 2017.